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A new model for resolving pain & preventing injury

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Philosophy On Orthotic Therapy.

The use of a custom arch support or tailored device is non-invasive way to reduce or eliminate pain in such areas as feet, ankles, knees, hips and lower back by improving structural alignment and/or restricting or enhancing motion. They are best used in conjunction with a treatment/management plan of restorative exercises.

Several different methods can be used to cast the foot only after detailed assessment history of issues, range of motion, gait analysis and alignment tests.

Orthotic design is based on injury, lifestyle, footwear and foot type. Different types of orthotics are used for different people or different issues.

Why use us for orthotics?

Unlike other clinics prescribing orthotics we have the unique situation of having a degree educated podiatrist and physiotherapist looking at your feet. This means a far greater knowledge and understanding of both the science of the lower limbs and the manufacturing and prescribing of orthotics, you will not get this level of expertise  elsewhere.